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Mobile Chillers For Sale In South Africa. TOP Manufacturer Mobile Chillers SA. Buy Mobile Chillers For Events, Functions, Parties & Weddings. Call Us For A Free Quote. These mobile chillers are handmade at our factory and are for sale at Best Price Tents. These unique cold rooms are built to withstand the South African climate.

A certified technician then installs each cooling unit as well as tests them. They do tests in direct sunlight before they can pass quality assurance. That is done each unit gets a roadworthy certificate and ready for collection and licensing after passing another set of quality assurance. These units are specially designed for chilling or freezing applications in catering industries, events hiring, hotel, fisheries and all related industries.

We give clients the latest innovation in Mobile Chillers. We provide high-end quality materials for all our chillers. Do you need to buy a chiller for your growing business? Then we will happily help you. Mobile Chillers are fast becoming popular and prove extremely useful for a variety of people. The mobile chiller is a quick, easy and convenient solution for storing foods and drinks over a long period. Good for weddings, catering, hotels and restaurants, butchers, farmers’ markets, festivals or over Christmas and other busy times when you just need temporary extra capacity.

Mobile chillers for sale
Single axle mobile chillers for sale
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Mobile Chillers for sale
mobile chillers trailer for sale

Why Our Mobile Chillers

A chiller is a machine that removes heat from a liquid vapour-compression session or absorption refrigeration cycle. This liquid can then be circulated through a heat exchanger to cool air or equipment as required. As a necessary byproduct, refrigeration creates waste heat that must be exhausted to ambient or, for greater efficiency, recovered for heating purposes. Concerns in design and selection of chillers include performance, efficiency, maintenance, and product lifecycle environmental impact.

Industrial Mobile  Chillers Manufacturer

Industrial chillers typically come as complete, packaged, closed-loop systems, including the chiller unit, condenser, and pump station with recirculating pump, expansion valve, no-flow shutdown, internal cold water control. The internal tank helps maintain cold water temperature and prevents temperature spikes from occurring. Closed-loop industrial chillers recirculate a clean coolant or clean water with condition additives at a constant temperature and pressure to increase the stability of water-cooled machines and instruments. The water flows from the chiller to the application’s point of use and back. Mobile Chillers For Sale South Africa. We Manufacturer Both Chillers And Freezers At Affordable Prices.Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler & Distributor Durban SA.

Buy Mobile Chillers In South Africa

Best Price Tents are manufacturers of the greatest mobile chillers for the outdoor experience and the whole thing in between.Best Price Tents offer the same stability of liveability, durability, soothe, and exact show. We’ll never give away comfort for weight, skimp on delightful details, or overlook the fact that your first adventure is as memorable as your next one. Tents Africa are everywhere on the planet from expeditions to family holidays. Each Mobile Chiller For Sale has build quality to withstand any weather or geographic region or for the campground has been fastidiously designed for purpose with prime quality parts and materials.

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